Thursday, November 5, 2009

Dave Westlake should keep his advice to himself

I saw this a few days ago and wasn't going to comment. BUT, I couldn't help myself.

Dave Westlake thinks he not only has a shot at the Senate, but that he's going to dissuade Terrence Wall from running.
David Westlake says he’s never met Terrence Wall.

But if they were good friends and he were giving Wall some campaign advice, he’d offer up this nugget to ponder: “In an economy that’s in a recession based on some problems in the housing market, I wonder, I fear how he’s going to tell his story having made so much money in the real estate market.”

Westlake, a Watertown businessman, got his first competition for the GOP Senate nomination to take on Dem Russ Feingold when the Madison developer got into the race this month. The 1995 graduate of West Point started HighIQ, which provides printer cartridge services and consulting work to manage printer networks.

Guess again, Dave. And bad advice. You never come out swinging against an "unannounced" opponent (on your side of the aisle, no less!), claiming you have advice and taking a low blow at his career choice.

Please, be another bratty GOP candidate that's pissy because someone else got in the race.

I'm not in anyone's camp here. But this certainly makes me less of a fan.

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