Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Celebrity Books of Politics

I was literally thinking about this Politico story last night, when watching - yes I admit it - Dancing with the Stars while I tinkered around my apartment. Why? Because Bristol Palin was on DWTS for no good reason (she's the daughter of a political figure who is now a Tea Party activist, who had a baby out of wedlock and used her name to publicize it), and now has a book deal.

Some silly title, no doubt about "Life After Dancing" or "Not Afraid of Life," but she's what, 19? Is she even 19 yet? Look, I'm not hatin' on Palin Jr., here, (I do think its great that she kept the baby and is being a mom 1st and foremost) but it bets the question, why can't I get a book deal?

I'm the daughter of someone who's been in politics, albeit behind the scenes. I am on campaigns every "year.5" which is now all the freakin' time. I have an affinity for the written word. So where the hell is my book deal?

I admit, this question is just one in a long ass list of "Where is my record deal? Even Lindsey Lohan got one, yikes!" and "Where is my acting contract and movie pitch? If Carrie Underwood can, I sure as hell can."

It just baffles me how ONE entry into the public arena, and suddenly you're fit to be a quadruple-threat. I'm sorry, but these people are NOT J.Lo. And as hot as Scott Brown may have looked in that magazine spread and he can drive my pick up anytime, he's not old enough for the "memoirs" yet. NONE OF THESE PEOPLE ARE.

But why bitch and moan? They aren't selling very many of these books. It's a fad trend that will continue as long as there are people to buy books, kindles and nooks. And the books that last on the NYT's Best Seller list are those with the real stories inside - the classics, the heart-wrenching true stories of un-famous authors and real English major writers, the olde English romances of Bronte and Dickens. So if and when I write a book someday, I'll either have adequate wisdom to share, or a killer story. It won't matter if my face has ever graced People Magazine.

I suppose it really is as simple as this:
“If you have an interesting story to tell, tell it, said McCain’s collaborator and speechwriter Mark Salter. “If you don’t, you probably won’t sell many books — unless you win the presidency.”

P.S. Does the Biebs really have a book? After the Glee episode, I may have to read it.

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Soda Crackers by Raymond Carver

Soda Crackers

You soda crackers! I remember
when I arrived here in the rain,
whipped out and alone.
How we shared the aloneness
and quiet of this house.
And the doubt that held me
from fingers to toes
as I took you out
of your cellophane wrapping
and ate you, meditatively,
at the kitchen table
that first night with cheese,
and mushroom soup. Now,
a month later to the day,
an important part of us
is still here. I'm fine.
And you—I'm proud of you, too.
You're even getting remarked
on in print! Every soda cracker
should be so lucky.
We've done all right for
ourselves. Listen to me.
I never thought
I could go on like this
about soda crackers.
But I tell you
the clear sunshiny
days are here, at last.

Good Poems for Hard Times

I suppose I need to be more political in my postings...but what is there to say that hasn't been said? We're doing well in ND, despite the impending doom of flood. WI is a train wreck for now, and all thoughts on Walker lead me to hold my tongue or swallow my pride (more on that another day).

There are days I think Twitter is stupid. Useful, the next. For news and things. I often wonder- that's often pronounced withOUT the "t"- how people find these interesting tidbits to share. I spent the day working and didn't have time for webbrowsing... maybe I'll post something revolutionary and world changing tomorrow.

But on this Monday night of 1,000 successes during a productive day, great training run, and all around feeling of gratitude, I cannot sleep.

And so I share with my tiny world of readership, a book I so love: Good Poems for Hard Times, selected and intro'd by Garrison Keillor.

The best new discovery? Soda crackers. Raymond Carver is enriching my life with his short diatribe on soda crackers. I cannot read the first line without laughing.

Look it up. Will post text tomorrow

Thursday, March 3, 2011

And Another one Bites the Dust

Mitch Daniels poo-poohs a run in 2012.
Indiana Gov. Mitch Daniels (R) said Wednesday he will not run for president in 2012, according to the Kentucky-Indiana Courier Journal.

He said he is not interested in the position and noted he has neither fundraised nor spent much time outside of Indiana as evidence of his choice.

The Christian Science Monitor reported in February that he said he was open to a run at that time, and the Courier-Journal noted on Aug. 15 that he had said the same earlier this month.
I can't blame these guys.

Beating Obama, in my eyes, is still a difficult task and one I think we can kiss goodbye (although I am BEGGING to be proven wrong.)

And I have to agree, the corn-fed white boys in the midwest may not be the best chance against him anyway... just sayin#