Friday, May 21, 2010

Dear Lora, you're a loser

From Wispolitics:
Former College Republicans Chair Lora Rae Anderson announced this morning she was becoming a Dem.

Anderson made the announcement in Milwaukee ahead of the state GOP convention, which starts today. She said the Republican Party has become "too extreme" for moderates.

Anderson, whose term as chair of the Wisconsin Federation of College Republicans ended earlier this spring, has raised similar concerns in two press releases she sent to WisPolitics.
Lora, you should be ashamed. First of all, read the damn newspaper. Clearly the candidates we have on the GOP ticket are anything but extreme. They're about lowering taxes, reclaiming Washington with the people's voice, and a majority are leaders recognized by the more moderate Taxed-Enough-Already (TEA) Party. Ron Johnson's announcement this week could not have proved that more.

Yes I realize people and politicians switch parties all the time. But don't you think the drastic switch from being the LEADER of College Republicans in Wisconsin to becoming a full-fledged Democrat is actually a little EXTREME?

I bet she's a long dread-lock growing, flowy skirt, no-bra wearing hippie living n Madison. (I'd like to see a before and after photo actually, to prove my point. I will now attempt a Facebook stalk...)

I can't understand why anyone in this political climate would even dare switch over to being a Democrat. Pathetic. Lora, you're backbone is about as squishy as a cooked carrot and I pity you.

You should have just slinked back out of the limelight and leadership and sunk away quietly, as the coward you are.

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Labor pains, and oh yeah, death threats

I'm sad to say these kind of people are walking among us.
When a pregnant Two Rivers woman thought she needed to go to the hospital to deliver her baby on Wednesday, her boyfriend refused to arrange a ride, robbed her and threatened to kill her, prosecutors say.

Instead of seeking medical attention for his 36-year-old girlfriend, Vinson demanded money from her to buy beer, Assistant District Attorney Mike Griesbach said during Vinson’s Wednesday bail hearing. She gave him $50 of her $150 monthly disability check, Griesbach said.

According to police and prosecutors:

When the woman told Vinson she didn’t have the rest of the money, he punched her in the head twice and waved a butcher knife in her face.

The woman tried to escape to the bedroom, using her weight to hold the door shut. Vinson followed with the knife and tried to push the door open.
Is anyone else seeing a "Here's Johnny" moment?!

That poor woman. I surely hope she has filed for a restraining order against this idiot for her and her baby.

Walker excites Bush

Jeb, that is.
Wisconsin Republicans have yet to nominate a candidate for governor. Indeed, the state's primary is not until Sept. 14. But two national GOP heavyweights -- former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush and former House Speaker Newt Gingrich -- are bullish on the prospects of Scott Walker, the self-described, brown-bag-packing county executive of Milwaukee.

"The guy is a fantastic candidate," Bush said. "The event that we did together, he gave a stump speech that sounded like it was the last three days of the campaign. I mean, he was on fire. It was, it was, he's the real deal."
Yeah, that's great and all, but he's no hell-raiser.

Having listened to and followed this guy on the campaign trail for four years, sure he'd be a Republican in office who is somewhat credible (see no college degree, Milwaukee=center of the universe attitude) and likeable, but he's a SNOOZER on the stump.

I wish I had heard the speach Bush is talking about...I somehow find it hard to believe.

Friday, May 7, 2010

Dem Party's Mike Tate = DB

That's right, I used the term I hate. Douchebag. That's Mike Tate for you, Wisconsin Democratic Party Chairman extraordinaire!
"Confident Duffy said yesterday that he was seeing a Republican Representative for the 7th Congressional District this time. While Obey and Democrats are confident that they still have control on their seat and they will win it. Wisconsin Democratic Party Chairman Mike Tate said that on television, Duffy was renowned for drinking and for having sex."
For one, Mike Tate is a complete moron.

I'm absolutely positive that Sean Duffy's solid, upstanding reputation precedes him, unlike Mike Tate's.

Furthermore, this comment is so despicable that Sean Duffy deserves an apology, on TV, in front of the entire 7th Congressional District and state of Wisconsin.

It is clearly a low blow as Mr. Tate's self-confidence has hit the depths of despair that he finds his only coping mechanism to be making slanderous statements against charming, talented, intelligent Republicans to make himself feel better about the great and severe losses the Democratic party will face in November.

That, and he probably can't get it up.

Mike Tate, you're an embarrassment and you owe Sean Duffy an apology.

Thursday, May 6, 2010

American Flag t-shirts rejected in SoCa

It's already broken on the big blogs, but I'd like to take a minute to cuss out the school officials at Live Oak High in Southern California.
Tensions mounted at a Bay Area high school Thursday, a day after five students whipped up emotions by wearing t-shirts depicting red, white and blue American flags on Cinco de Mayo.

A group of 50-60 Latino students walked out of classes at Morgan Hill's Live Oak High early Thursday, marching to city hall and rallying to show their support for a school official.

That unidentified assistant principal had ordered the students who wore t-shirts with American flags on Cinco de Mayo to either go home or turn the shirts inside out.
So now we're praising the Latino kids for their support against America???

Even with Latina heritage (and forgive me if I'm not speaking politically-correct), they're at school in the United States.

Cinco de Mayo is a celebration of the Mexicans unlikely defeat of the French....long pause....NOT the United States. In fact, it is a date mostly celebrated in the United States. It's not even that big in Mexico.

So if some kid wants to wear their USA flag shirt on May 5th, simply because it's a Wednesday and they are proud to be American, why are they being punished? They're not protesting Mexican-American heritage or dates of significance to those of Latino backgrounds.
Galli said he was told it was inappropriate to wear the shirt because “it's supposed to be a Mexican Day and we were supposed to honor them.”
And that's that, folks.

May 5th is a Mexican day. It can't be anyone else's day, at any other time in the world. I guess American has July 4th. So why can't the Mexicans have May 5th?

Because this is America people, not Mexico.

Send those school officials a'packin!

LONG LIVE the Red, White, and Blue. And yes, I said that in English.

Saturday, May 1, 2010

Good Housekeeping Sucks Up

The May 2010 issue of Good Housekeeping features our First Lady Michelle Obama on it's over. Also the 125th Anniversary issue of the magazine, it lists 125 Women who have captured the attention and respect of GH readers.

Among the top 10- Michelle Obama herself. Ringing in at an impressive #6, just after Eleanor Roosevelt, and out-scoring Amelia Earhart, Princess Diana, Marie Curie and Margaret Thatcher, here's the caption:

First African-American First Lady. Lawyer, campaigner against childhood obesity, Mom in chief. And those biceps! We'd like to have an arms talk with her (and we do, on page 162).

She's ranked among Oprah, Hillary Clinton, Mother Teresa, Rosa Parks, and the ladies already mentioned.

So, let me get this straight. She made the top 10 in ladies who head our admiration-and-inspiration because she's the first black first lady and has killer biceps?

I know too many mother-lawyers-against childhood obesity-work-out-women who may or may not be black. And GH readers are going to put Momma Obama at #6???

Still head-scratching...

We can't help what race we are born into, or that Amelia Earhart didn't land the plane. But honestly, Diana WAS more of a humanitarian and champion than Michelle is, and on critical issues like AIDS and land mines. Marie Curie won a freakin' NOBEL prize. (No, President Obama's fake one doesn't count for M.O.)And Margaret Thatcher actually held elected office herself!

I can't help but wonder if I should feel sad for the readers of this magazine who answered this poll and ranked Michelle Obama in the top ten, or the magazine for sucking up to its cover story so much that they put her in front of the woman who coined the term "radioactivity" and the Iron Lady.

Mags, you got robbed. I will absolutely be canceling my subscription to this sham of a literary periodical immediately.

Let's wait until Michelle runs for something to start listing her anywhere above 50.