Saturday, February 27, 2010

Paul Ryan: Hiding spending doesn't reduce spending.

Showing PURE Disdain for Paul Ryan, still President Obama cannot hide from the American people.

And Paul Ryan NAILS it.

Frankly, if he thinks they are going to push this healthcare bill thru, they are clearly NOT listening to the American people- those they represent, Mr. Biden.

Congressman Ryan looks him right in the eye and tells it like his economically-minded, brilliant brain sees it.

And in the meantime, Mr. President, could you please address your colleagues in an equal branch of government, by their rightfully earned titles, and not first names? How rude!

Thursday, February 25, 2010

Silver medalist a sour pouter

This was too funny. Love the Crayola call~
Somebody call Crayola. Get Maybeline on the phone. The next big color is Plushenko platinum.

In reality, Plushenko platinum is more about the Russian figure skater, Evengi Plushenko, being displeased with the results of his Olympic event. Plushenko has contested that American Evan Lysacek should not have won the gold medal because his program did not feature a quadruple jump. The last three Olympic champions prior to Lysacek utilized the quadruple jump and so did Plushenko so he felt he should win.

"Quad is quad. If the Olympic champion doesn't know how to jump the quad, I don't know," he said.
And I think this calls for a Sore Loserman.

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Miley Cyrus - When I Look At You [VideoClip]

While she sometimes annoys me, I enjoy this song. And I'm excited about the movie as I'm also reading the book!

Gotta love Nicholas Sparks.

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Saturday, February 13, 2010


Best part(s) about Valentine's day are, in no particular order:
a) card from my Dad
b)little care package from my mom
c)day-after chocolate specials at the drug store!

That's right, I have no shame. I cannot wait to purchase some Russell Stover's creams for - yes, that's right again- myself.

And for those people who "dwell" on Valentine's day and how stupid it is, get to Walgreen's and help yourselves on the 15th, friends. It's worth it.

Besides, if you're not going to make an effort to tell the people you love that you love them on a day that's designed for purchasing crap and saying "I love you," can you say it any other day?

You can...with a day-after Valentine's day box of sweet chocolatey goodness.

But don't worry, I'll get my own.

Friday, February 12, 2010

North Dakotans are satisfied!

New from Gallup:
On a state-by-state basis, U.S. adults' average satisfaction in 2009 with their own standard of living -- that is, "all the things you can buy and do" -- fell in a fairly narrow range, from 82.3% in North Dakota at the high end to 69% in Nevada at the low end.
This is a state with no debt,a smart-spender Governor who cuts taxes, and is growing in population and job opportunities.

I'd be pretty satisfied too.

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Tuesday, February 9, 2010


I'm behind at watching 24, and just catching9-10 pm and 10-11 pm.

RENEE stabbing and killing people?! Stabbing Jack?? WHAT?!?!?!

And do we think this Dana/Jenny and he ex-white trash boyfriend are a back story that could become entangled with the terrorist activity?

Swine flu flub

Apparently, some are still concerned about spreading swine flu in large arenas. And removing bubblers because of it. (Wisconsinites, you like that? -little shoutout, as I'm a "fountain" girl myself.)
...the Cavaliers have removed all the water fountains from their home arena...

fans can still get a free cup of water at any of the arena's concession stands. The reason for the ban on the fountains, according to the Cavaliers, is that they are interested in cutting down on the spread of the H1N1 virus. That sounds pretty reasonable, what with all the fears of the virus crushing this country the way that Avatar has crushed its box office competition.

It sounds a lot less reasonable, however, when you hear that the director of Cleveland's health department says that there's no indication that water fountains contribute to the spread of the dreaded swine flu. Safety first and all that, but we tend to take the advice of health professionals over basketball teams when it comes to avoiding illness. And, as with any decision by a revenue-generating concern, we tend to look for another explanation.
Still, I can't say it's LeBron James' fault like this article suggests.

But industry response to the swine flu scare has rarely been highlighted, so this is interesting.

Oink oink.

Google Buzz-ing along


Buzz buzz.

Do you really want people to know where you are? Even if you're just at work...sitting in your cubicle...where people expect you to be 5 days a week?
Google just announced Google Buzz, a new system for sharing updates, shared info, and media both privately and publicly. Buzz, an online social system similar to Facebook and Twitter, seems to be fully integrated into many of Google's services; you'll be able to access it via Gmail, Google's redesigned mobile homepage, a new dedicated Buzz app, and an updated version of the Google Maps app.

Although Gmail integration seems to be the core of the product, Buzz distinguishes itself from Twitter and Facebook with its strong focus on location. All of these updated Google mobile apps will offer ways to share your media and location via GPS, a capability that, Google claims, will cut through the clutter so prevalent on sites like Facebook and Twitter.
It's an interesting concept - a way to compete.

Not to mention, it's getting pretty crowded out there in the world of social media tools.

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Monday, February 1, 2010

Paul Ryan for President?

Christian Schneider sure thinks it's possible. And I have to agree:
In the 1995 movie “The American President,” Michael Douglas plays Andrew Shepherd, a U.S. President who proudly hails from Wisconsin. In the movie, President Shepherd must choose between supporting a gun control bill and a “pollution reduction bill,” which happens to be the pet cause of his environmental lobbyist girlfriend. (This plot contrivance is only slightly less plausible than Massachusetts voters replacing Ted Kennedy with a Republican best known for showing Cosmopolitan Magazine readers the contents of his underpants.)

Clearly, the idea of a Wisconsin president seems calming to people. For filmmakers, having a character hail from the Dairy State is intended to show that they’re imbued with a common sense wholesomeness – to the nation, Wisconsin folks are grounded, salt-of-the-earth types. (My friends from other states still believe that roads in Wisconsin are only passable via tractor.)

Yet Wisconsin has never birthed a leader of the free world. Republican U.S. Senator “Fighting Bob” LaFollette ran in 1924 as a progressive, garnering 17% of the vote nationwide. Shorewood native William Rehnquist captained the U.S. Supreme Court as Chief Justice for 19 years (a job that’s arguably as important as the presidency, although less impressive to girls at a bar.) Favorite son Tommy Thompson proved to be the Usain Bolt of American politics, starting and finishing his 2008 presidential campaign with world-class speed. (Remind liberals that Dick Cheney actually went to grad school at the UW-Madison, and they’ll flip the table over and run out of the room screaming.)

Yet as 2012 looms, it appears Wisconsin may actually have a viable candidate for the presidency on the horizon. Fiscal dreamboat Paul Ryan has become a star in Congress, leading many national conservative commentators (including Wisconsin’s own Stephen F. Hayes of The Weekly Standard) to hyperventilate about his nationwide appeal. Ryan, who was first elected in 1998 as a 28-year old former legislative staffer, is now the ranking member of the House Budget Committee, and one of the leading voices of opposition to the Obama Administration – a position that appears to be gaining popularity with the American public.

All of this has led to rampant speculation about a Paul Ryan run for the presidency in 2012. There’s plenty of reason to believe that Ryan won’t run. (Such as, the fact that he routinely says “I am not running for President.”) But with a number of the Republican presidential hopefuls looking more like future reality show contestants than leaders of the free world, Ryan’s gravitas and amiable personality may just force him into the race.

As with any presidential campaign, there are pros and cons to a Ryan run. Here’s a list of some of the things that could help and hurt him: