Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Thune is out

Senator John Thune, our handsome neighbor to the South, does not intend to throw his name in for President:
According to a post on his Facebook page, Sen. John Thune, R-S.D., isn't jumping into the presidential race.

"So at this time, I feel that I am best positioned to fight for America's future here in the trenches of the United States Senate," Thune said in the statement.

The South Dakota senator had been mentioned as a possible candidate to seek the 2012 Republican nomination but Tuesday, Thune said his place is in the Senate.

"There is a battle to be waged over what kind of country we are going to leave our children and grandchildren and that battle is happening now in Washington, not two years from now," Thune continued.

Thune's responsibilities as Chairman of the Republican Policy Committee have kept him busy and he and was recently named to the powerful Senate Finance and Budget committees.

The decision isn't completely unexpected. Thune had done very little to lay the groundwork for a presidential campaign, ignoring Iowa and New Hampshire where the first presidential caucuses and primary election take place less than a year from now.Fox News Correspondent Carl Cameron contributed to this report.

Read more: http://politics.blogs.foxnews.com/2011/02/22/senator-john-thune-doesnt-plan-run-president#ixzz1Ei16ZuiI
Sad for the supporters.

Good for... Romney?

Who else? Loving your thoughts, posters~

And can someone please tell me what is up with posting this to Facebook first?

Friday, February 18, 2011

Madison is NUTS

Three solid days of school closings in Madison, WI and teacher protests from there to Milwaukee, and the real losers aren't just the teachers.

While they may be serious LOSERS, spitting and shoving like immature brats on a playground at the Wisconsin Capitol, it's the students who are missing out - who are actually losing in this equation.

Cuts are necessary. Ask Chris Christie. Ask anyone who is serious about reining in spending. Ask Scott Walker who's taken a good look at the budget and understands where Wisconsin NEEDS to go and that reform is necessary.
Walker, who took office last month, called the boycott a "stunt." He vowed not to concede.

"It's more about theatrics than anything else," Walker said.
Good for him.

Teachers, why the heck do you do the job you do? Is it for the paycheck? because if it is, you're in the WRONG biz.

If it's for the exprssion on a child's face when they actually understand fractions, or pass a test, or get into their #1 choice college, then you should know better than to act this way.

If everyone who was upset about their work situation protested and went on strike, we'd be a country of chaos. But hard working, common sense people understand it's just not realistic.

No votes have even been taken on this - and "your" Democrat representatives HAVE LEFT THE BUILDING!! What does that say about your strength of character, and theirs?
Neil Graupner, a 19-year-old technical college student from Madison, said he was planning to stay until the matter is settled.

"The fact that the Democrats have walked out, it shows their listening to us," he said late Thursday as he prepared to spend the night at the Capitol.
No it doesn't, Neil. It says they're too chicken shit to look at this head-on.

Stand up and do the right thing, teachers. Get back to class and teach the youth of America. They don't deserve this, and Wisconsin is better than that.

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

A Rodg v. B Pevre, I mean Favre

There is a notion floating out in the blogosphere that Favre is STILL better than Rodgers, that they have a crappy relationship, that Aaron Rodgers is bitter, and that it somehow is still a problem.

Let's clear this up right now.

Of COURSE Brett Favre is on the books as a better QB. He played 8 times as freakin' long as Rodgers has. He has the longest running streak of games started. And others...

But Favre, too, has 1 Superbowl win. Just 1. Doesn't count how many times you GET there.

So let's just say this. I don't KNOW Aaron Rodgers personally, but that man has some media training! He knows when not to fill the silence because the media wants him to. He knows how to keep a cool head. He generally is a smart guy, and it all comes across in his performance with the press. Oh, and on the field - but that goes without saying.

The thing is, I believe Aaron Rodgers doesn't need Favre. He watched him for 3 years on the sidelines, in practice and in the locker room. He learned what he needed to. He's emulated what he needed to - the GOOD parts of Favre. Rodgers can scramble with the best of 'em. He can get away from his attacker. He's breaking the fingers of his receivers day in and day out wiht the velocity he puts on the ball. And he doesn't throw the stupid pass that leads to the 4th quarter interception to lose the game. He may even hold on to the ball too darn long! But joking aside - Most of all, he hasn't let it lead him astray in a stupid way - toward drugs or sex or rock'n'roll...

Well, maybe a little music. Rodgers has his own music label and he's working to find that next up and comin' band who's got "IT." But that's just the spirit of an entrepreneur, not the desperate attempts of a lonely, washed-up QB who feels the need to show off his cock.

Harsh, perhaps. But let's MOVE ON. If the press and the idiot bloggers would quit TYING the two together, we'd all stop caring. The fans sure have!

Let the man be a star. Let him revel in the glory of an MVP and a Superbowl win in his 3rd year. Let him show people that what happens between him and Brett Favre should be just that. Let Rodgers prove he's the bigger man. And if someday they speak, I'm sure it will be respectful and professional. Isn't that all that matters?

Rodgers will most always likely follow Favre on the books. But I believe he'll far surpass him in life. And by that, I mean with his own personal viewing of the person he has become to his community, his family, and his Maker.

Monday, February 14, 2011

A Valentine's Day note to Hallmark

Dear Hallmark~
To Hallmark and other greeting card companies, I’d like to make what I believe to be a simple, common-sensical request, but now appears ridiculous and needy.

Would you PLEASE design a decent Valentine’s Day card for a grown woman (think above 13 years of age) to give to her father?

This is not in any way creepy or incestual, but merely a decent thing to provide to your customers. As a 26 year old, for the past 3-4 years, I have been literally unable to find an appropriate Valentine’s Day card to give to my father. Why, you ask? Because you design them either:
a) With Peanut’s characters
b) As if a cartoon weasel would actually sit on her father’s lap
c) Or not at all.
I looked in 5 dfferent stores – Walmart, K-Mart, Target, CVS, and Wal-Mart in another city! Still, to no avail. I can NOT give my father a Twilight-themed V-Day card. He has no idea what Vampires or Werewolves are, nor why I sent "Team Edward" Valentines to all of my college girlfriends...but that's a story for another post.

It’s simple. My father was the first man I ever gave my heart to. And he’s a great dad. For all the mom cards and wife cards and husband cards (and I did find great choices for my mother and sister), you’d think Dad’s could get shown a little love from the Hallmark clan.

I’d appreciate your prompt attention to this matter for next Valentine’s day, exactly 364 days away. Plenty of time for crafting sentimental goodness for a “Father’s Valentine’s Day Card.”

In the spirit of Valentine's day = chocolate,


Congrats to my Pack. I should have posted this a week ago, but I'm still on HIGH from the Win. Much deserved.

And a little note on our friend, Aaron Rodgers:
But Rodgers made it clear in Tuesday's jam-packed Super Bowl XLV Media Day he only wants to be a leader of God's pack when it comes to influencing others to see his faith in Jesus Christ.

"We all have a platform, we all have a message in our lives," Rodgers told Baptist Press and a worldwide media turnout, which ringed his individual interview area. "I just try to follow Jesus' example, leading by example."

During his six years with the Packers, his career has seen enough twists and turns, dead ends and detours to test anyone's faith. An expected top 10 draft choice, he lasted until the end of the first round for reasons he never understood. He stood on the sidelines for three seasons while Packers quarterback Brett Favre went through his yearly will-he-or-won't-he retirement routine as Packers QB.

Finally given a chance to start three years ago, he has matured into one of the top quarterbacks in the league, but not forgetting his past, present and future in Christ.

"God always has a plan for us, a path. Sometimes we wish we knew it sooner," Rodgers said with a bit of a laugh, "but He always shows up His way."

He credits his parents, Ed and Darla Rodgers, who still live in Northern California where he was raised, for showing him a loving and Christ-centered household. He also remains close to his two longtime accountability partners, Pastors Andrew Burchett of the Neighborhood Church in Chico, Calif., and Young Life Christian youth group leader Matt Hock.

Friday, February 4, 2011


I've been on hiatus from blogging. But you know what?

I'm back!

And my first post is merely to say: GO PACK GO!

and 11 reasons why we'll win the SUPERBOWL!!