Thursday, April 29, 2010

Sauk County GOP, you are Ridiculous

The Sauk County, Wisconsin Republicans look like fools.
The Republican Party of Sauk County adopted a resolution rejecting the GOP candidacy of U.S. Senate candidate Dick Leinenkugel.

“Obviously, Mr. Leinenkugel has spent too much time in the family tasting room”, says Sauk Co. GOP chairman Tim McCumber in a press release issued today. “This isn’t a matter of someone who might be in the middle of the road or even a ‘RINO’ (Republican in Name Only); this guy is a ‘DIRC’ – a Democrat in Republican Clothes."

Leinenkugel, a Commerce Secretary under Dem Gov. Jim Doyle, announced his candidacy this week. He enters a Republican primary that includes Madison developer Terrence Wall and Watertown businessman David Westlake. Oshkosh businessman Ron Johnson is also expected to enter the primary, sources tell WisPolitics.

The resolution says not only will the county party reject Leinenkugel's candidacy, but also the party will refuse to invite him to any county events will recruit other counties to support the resolution for debate on the floor at the Republican Convention next month in Milwaukee.
Perhaps I'm being harsh. on second thought, NO.

Did any county party write a letter or a resolution attempting to knock out Mark Green or Scott Walker during the 2006 primary? How about the 2004 Senate primary with Welch, Michels and Darrow? No (even though maybe they should have, but I'm biased)! It's NOT the Wisconsin way. We accept those candidates who want to run and give them all equal time leading up to the Primary, until they drop out because they suck... I mean, can't raise money.

Wisconsin already has Walker's campaign on the rampage enlisting volunteer support to whine about "Neumann claiming he's the GOP on the phone" and the nasty bickering back and forth between campaigns. (Note: Dear Scott Walker, put it in a brown bag and sack it. Run your campaign and stop the B.S.)

So what if someone entered the primary against T.Wall and Dave Westlake? Neither are going to win against Feingold. Leinenkugel has cash, a well-known name ID, and he's willing to do the work. Clearly, he has strong feelings about the race or he wouldn't have entered because he would have supported someone already running.

I know the Sauk County claim to fame is Circus World, but if anything, Sauk County Republicans, you're only contributing to the Circus that is Wisconsin Republican primaries!

Go ahead and act like babies. Perhaps Leinenkugel would even make a good Senator and vote the way we want him to if elected. But you're too snotty to care.

Go ahead, vote for Feingold. Since that's what you just did, clowns.

Axis of Awesome - 4 Four Chord Song (with song titles)


Wednesday, April 28, 2010


Why is he walking out of the picture at the end?

This is not very strong...nor are Pomeroy's re-election chances!

Saturday, April 24, 2010

The Girls from Ames

Traveling in airports this week I was in need of something to read. The Girls from Ames had stuck out at Barnes and Noble a while back, and I just picked it up.
Two pages in, I was hooked. Tears and smiles later, I find the tale of these 11 friends – their trials through highschool, marriages, and raising and losing children – sweet and inspiring.

As a woman in my 20’s, it’s often hard to think back to the friendships I fell in and out of growing up. From my best friend since 1st grade who would “abandon” me for another group when she got a boyfriend, to the 7th and 8th grade Bestie who eventually found my straight-A’s and goody-two-shoes attitude suffocating and left me for the pot-smokers, to the group of girls who rescued me my junior year and in whom I would find mentors and women of faith to emulate – all of these relationships carry both hurt and value for me.

And as I’ve grown and found fiercely meaningful friendships with a group of girls who, believe it or not, I met working retail, I have come to a realization: pictures of smiling faces often mask the depth beneath.

The Girls from Ames prove that even though the pictures they have taken showing their love for eachother and their deep bonds, they do not erase the hurts from snooty highschool sleepovers and cliques or growing up and learning of the loss of friends and loved ones. The “pretty outside” images may be times to remember and envy, but they hardly show the underlying heartbreak so many women suffer as they age.

I envy the Girls from Ames, and their daughters. I wish I could say I have a close, still-lasting friendship from elementary, middle, high school or even college. I do not bemoan my upbringing or school career or the friends I’ve had along the way, but this unique bond between now-10 women is something I will attempt to emulate with my current best friends and pray exists for my own children.

It’s a great read. A little hard to follow and remember who each girl is, but their triumphs and tragedy will make you laugh and bring you to tears. Great write, Jeffrey Zaslow.

I thank those women for opening up a world to me of which I am unfamiliar, and refusing to gloss over the difficult part of growing up female.

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Thursday, April 1, 2010

Kleefisch claims are unacclaimed

I'm a blogger. I twit. I mean, tweet. I facebook. And I was never polled...
In an early sign of her strength in the race for Lt. Governor, Rebecca Kleefisch holds a commanding lead over her primary opponents in a new media “straw poll” of Facebook Fans and Twitter Followers, according to the Kleefisch campaign.

“I am thrilled by the overwhelming support our campaign is getting from people who follow politics online,” said Kleefisch. “In the past, political observers looked to see how well candidates performed in small straw polls of a few dozen people held at party events. Now, they look to see how well candidates are being received online by thousands of people across the state. The early results of this new media “straw poll” show our campaign has a big lead online.
"I can't get no love in the district I live in. People are voting for someone else. Wah wah wah. Oh, I know, I'll make up a poll!"

Mrs. Kleefisch, I implore you. Wisconsin voters are looking for genuine. They are looking for a candidate who doesn't have to fabricate news or support from made-up polls. They are looking for a lieutenant governor candidate who isn't desperate to attach him or herself to the current candidate for governor. What's next, a hello-kitty lunch box from days past that you take to work to save on littering with your brown bag?

Charts of Facebook fans don't equal votes. These other candidates also have "Friends" over fan pages. Brett Davis, for example, has 1,150 "Fans" and 925 personal friends. That's 2075. Sure there's duplicates... but come on, at least do the math. And , were these people even contacted about your poll?

It just seems a little shady to me.