Tuesday, October 27, 2009

John Edwards makes me want to vomit

Elizabeth Edwards doesn't deserve what's happened to her. And while I am all about forgiveness in it's greatest form, this is a little hard to swallow.
"John said, 'Perhaps not the great love story that we hoped, but maybe a great love story nonetheless.' [It's] 'till death do you part -- because that's what I want," she said.
Perhaps because that "death do you part" isn't as far away for him... After all the news he's made, it's 'poor Elizabeth' all the way.

I'm sure the last thing she wants is pity, but here's a little empathy. And Mrs. Edwards, I raise my glass to you.

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flutepilot said...

Yes, she has been through a lot, but she is a b------- in her own right. Ask the person across the road who was finally forced out of his family home (for generations) because "his house brought property values down for meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee" She and John deserve each other, IMO