Thursday, October 1, 2009

I'm sorry, did I miss the holocaust?

Grayson is WAY out of line.
Grayson made a presentation on the House floor Tuesday night in which he said, “if you get sick, America, the Republican healthcare plan is this: Die quickly.” He even had a sign printed reading, “The Republican Healthcare Plan: Die Quickly.”

After Republicans demanded an apology, Rep. Grayson went to the floor to mock the demand, and called the deaths of Americans because they don't have insurance a "holocaust."

“I apologize to the dead and their families that we haven’t voted sooner to end this holocaust in America,” Grayson said.

Later, in a television interview, he called Republicans " foot-dragging, knuckle dragging neanderthals who know nothing but 'no.'"

The only statement he has backed off from is the comparison to a "holocaust," telling MSNBC's Rachel Maddow, "It may not have been the best choice of words."
Not the best choice of words?

Not only to put on the Republicans that we are somehow "urging people to die" so we no longer have to find the funding for their healthcare is insensitive and beyond insulting. Grayson SHOULD apologize now, not for that, but for his subsequent remarks mocking the Republicans for asking for an apologize and comparing our healthcare situuationio in America to the Holocaust.

It wasn't funny.

It wasn't witty.

It was more than a "poor choice of words."

It was appalling.

This debate is bringing more than the worst out in our Congressional representatives. I understand it's frustrating to be met all summer long at each town hall with opposition and angry constituents. But that does not excuse the attitude, the yelling, or making absurd accusations like "Republicans want you to die quickly."

And further, this is NOT a Holocaust. In no way are Republicans- or any Americans- on a mass slaughter attack against the elderly or any other group of individuals. To compare the Republicans "lack of a plan," as Pelosi calls it to Hitler's campaign for world domination by execution of Jews and anyone else he didn't like is so far off base, this guy should be committed!

Definition of a holocaust:
1. a great or complete devastation or destruction, esp. by fire.
2. a sacrifice completely consumed by fire; burnt offering.
3. (usually initial capital letter) the systematic mass slaughter of European Jews in Nazi concentration camps during World War II (usually prec. by the).
4. any mass slaughter or reckless destruction of life.

Choose something else, Grayson. I bet your voters will too.

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