Thursday, April 1, 2010

Kleefisch claims are unacclaimed

I'm a blogger. I twit. I mean, tweet. I facebook. And I was never polled...
In an early sign of her strength in the race for Lt. Governor, Rebecca Kleefisch holds a commanding lead over her primary opponents in a new media “straw poll” of Facebook Fans and Twitter Followers, according to the Kleefisch campaign.

“I am thrilled by the overwhelming support our campaign is getting from people who follow politics online,” said Kleefisch. “In the past, political observers looked to see how well candidates performed in small straw polls of a few dozen people held at party events. Now, they look to see how well candidates are being received online by thousands of people across the state. The early results of this new media “straw poll” show our campaign has a big lead online.
"I can't get no love in the district I live in. People are voting for someone else. Wah wah wah. Oh, I know, I'll make up a poll!"

Mrs. Kleefisch, I implore you. Wisconsin voters are looking for genuine. They are looking for a candidate who doesn't have to fabricate news or support from made-up polls. They are looking for a lieutenant governor candidate who isn't desperate to attach him or herself to the current candidate for governor. What's next, a hello-kitty lunch box from days past that you take to work to save on littering with your brown bag?

Charts of Facebook fans don't equal votes. These other candidates also have "Friends" over fan pages. Brett Davis, for example, has 1,150 "Fans" and 925 personal friends. That's 2075. Sure there's duplicates... but come on, at least do the math. And , were these people even contacted about your poll?

It just seems a little shady to me.

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