Wednesday, June 30, 2010

a tide for Kleefisch....guess again, Dad29

I saw on twitter "The Tide is turning," and the blogosphere but I don't know that its washing toward Rebecca 4 Real.

Collins is out in the race for Lt. Gov. Sad to see a Serviceman and patriot exit from political ambition, but this might just be a case of sights-set-too-high.

Maybe Ben could run for Assembly or State Senate, get the feet wet, and jump higher?

That said, I think it sets the stage for Brett Davis to emerge as the front runner. People can trash talk Brett's record in the Assembly all they want, but they can't touch him on education and listening to his constituents. He's a true man of the people and I'll put money down right now that no one will work harder.

He's also the only one who's said: if he can't make something out of the office of Lieutenant Governor in 4 years, mabye we SHOULDN'T HAVE IT!!!
I think that's ballsy - to acknowledge you'd cut your own job out of the state budget. BALL-SY.

He's shown he has real ambition for that position. Why do the other two candidates want to run? What was that again?



So Rebecca, I do apologize, but I find Dad29's critique of Ben's exit a tad exasperating. Show me a blog post or a t-shirt that doesn't scream "crazy old lady with a kitty cat," and we'll go from there.

Disclaimer: I love kitty cats. I love ladies, old and young.

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Disgruntled Car Salesman said...

So Kleefisch is a crazy old cat lady??

Really? And you can say this because you have met her? Spoken with her?

Well, I have and you are wrong.

Belling and Sykes will do their best to continue to throw Brett Davis under the bus.

Kleefisch is the best choice.