Friday, May 21, 2010

Dear Lora, you're a loser

From Wispolitics:
Former College Republicans Chair Lora Rae Anderson announced this morning she was becoming a Dem.

Anderson made the announcement in Milwaukee ahead of the state GOP convention, which starts today. She said the Republican Party has become "too extreme" for moderates.

Anderson, whose term as chair of the Wisconsin Federation of College Republicans ended earlier this spring, has raised similar concerns in two press releases she sent to WisPolitics.
Lora, you should be ashamed. First of all, read the damn newspaper. Clearly the candidates we have on the GOP ticket are anything but extreme. They're about lowering taxes, reclaiming Washington with the people's voice, and a majority are leaders recognized by the more moderate Taxed-Enough-Already (TEA) Party. Ron Johnson's announcement this week could not have proved that more.

Yes I realize people and politicians switch parties all the time. But don't you think the drastic switch from being the LEADER of College Republicans in Wisconsin to becoming a full-fledged Democrat is actually a little EXTREME?

I bet she's a long dread-lock growing, flowy skirt, no-bra wearing hippie living n Madison. (I'd like to see a before and after photo actually, to prove my point. I will now attempt a Facebook stalk...)

I can't understand why anyone in this political climate would even dare switch over to being a Democrat. Pathetic. Lora, you're backbone is about as squishy as a cooked carrot and I pity you.

You should have just slinked back out of the limelight and leadership and sunk away quietly, as the coward you are.

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Anonymous said...

dear lora,
I think you have finally realized the importance of priorites,and not participating in labels you are more affective to your astonished to hear such courage to make a difference, you have put a smile on my face to think we have a rep. in democratic chairs.. thanx for being a hero!