Tuesday, September 11, 2007

In need of a real surge of hope

John Edwards has seriously confused his priorities:
Democratic presidential hopeful John Edwards bemoaned the United States' diminished reputation with the rest of the world in a speech Monday night, saying it needs to once again be a source of hope and light.

Edwards spoke for thirty minutes to a crowd of several hundred at Serb Hall in Milwaukee. He emphasized America’s failure as a prosperous nation to provide universal health care and criticized the recent troop surge policy.

”We don’t need a surge in Baghdad, we need a surge in New Orleans,” said Edwards to great applause.
Again we see the Democrats would rather bemoan the plight of the poor in New Orleans than fight a war that will not end when we pull out of Iraq, but rather, allow a terrorist surge to begin.

I do agree we need a surge in New Orleans- a surge of "Get off your ass and get to work" attitudes. We need to support the troops surge in Iraq. We need a surge in America of politicians supporting the troops, supporting a vision of destroying the terrorist opposition, strengthening the US, and upholding the offices of our leaders with integrity. We need a surge on the campaign trail of candidates who no longer placate lazy Americans with dangerous misleading visions about "Universal health care" coverage or mislead the naive with global warming falsities. We are in desperate need of a surge in America of HOPE. John Edwards, you are not the source of that HOPE with comments like this.

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