Monday, September 17, 2007

Packer Victory

Does this look like a happy face? Congratulations to Brett Favre, the all-time winningest QB in the NFL. With 286 yards, 3 TD passes and a solid command of the offense in the 2nd half of yesterday's game, Favre owns it- and keeps his boyish charm with an overtly emotional display of excitement.

I am baffled by post-game critiques of the offensive line and our running game though. Did you people miss the first half? Daryn Colledge left more holes in the left line than in a piece of swiss cheese. I thought every snap would be Favre's last, as someone always managed to blow by Colledge on Favre's blind side, and he was knocked, bumped, slapped, or ran into almost every play. What is a Guard for if not to protect the QB?

Secondly, I'm all for DeShawn Wynn coming out of nowhere and possibly claiming the RB starting spot, but gotta feel bad for Jackson. Given the ball and called to the left every single time got him no more than 2-3 yards per carry, not to mention "loss of 1" more times than I like to hear in a game.

And while the second half looked like a different team, even McCarthy self admits they made half-time adjustments to the offensive line, as they should have. But I don't want to be a second-half team. There is no excuse for Favre to be without protection, especially on his blind side. What sense does it make to run an RB to the left when Colledge can't block for him, and Favre ends up running for his life on the same side? We've got to protect on the left.

Third, #20 as everyone referse to him- Atari Bigby- he seems to have some talent, but I think he's acting as a pretty good trickster lately. He seemed to be on the edge of every play- but not directly involved with the stops? I want to see him on the bottom of a tackle next week, then maybe I'll buy the luck of the dread-locks.

I'd like a round of applause for Bubba Franks- catching and not dropping the ball for his first TD in what, 23 games?? Way to go Bubba- keep it up and you'll get the trust back.

Fourth, I have to extend kudos to the methodical pass-dump offs in the second half- 5 yards and then letting the receivers finish off the first down. I thought we drove with ambition and determination, but played it smart and ran down the Giants' defense with the short passing game.

Finally, I am excited for the Chargers next week- I think if we play one week at a time, we can turn some heads and surprise some skeptics. But we've got to be a first half team- we've got to make the adjustments before kick-off, so we don't end up playing catch-up.

P.S. Crosby, brush up on your wind-directions too, and you'll go far ;-)


Dan said...

Sorry, I am a Packer fan. I hope they beat the chargers, but I don't see it. You have to look at the longer view, yeah, lose to the chargers but pick the stuff up in the following 3 weeks with the Vikings, Bears and the Redskins. Come out of that 2 and 2, and you have a shot.

lms said...

Dan, Dan, where is your faith? don't you think we could start 3-0?

Dan said...

I have my faith, however, as a life long Packers fan that included the wonderful Bart Starr and Forrestt Gregg coaching eras, I have also learned to not get my hopes up. Would starting out 3-0 be great? Yes it would. San Diego is a pretty good team, but I put more weight on beating conference and divisional foes..... especially the EVIL Chicago Bears. I live in Monroe, Wi. and almost everyone here is a Bears fan, so I wear my Packers colors with pride.