Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Minnesota = dump land

See below post on Franken....and now this.
Barring some unforeseen major physical setback, Brett Favre will be at training camp in Mankato when they open up the end of July, a source has told WCCO's Mark Rosen.

That source said that Favre and the Vikings have indeed come to a contractual agreement, with heavy incentives. The Vikings equipment manager has already ordered number 4 purple jerseys with his name on it.

I am beginning to despise our neighbors to the west...as if they could redeem themselves from holding "The Most BORING State to Drive Through" title anyway.


Shane and Casey said...

Having grown up in MN, and then moving to ND. I can say that the worst state to drive through is neither. It is Nebraska. Terrible.

lms said...

Yes, I now recall I have done that too and it's pretty brutal.