Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Socialized healthcare supporters in Janesville...scary how close they are.
An organization working for a national health care system plans two events in Janesville on Tuesday.

Leadership Conference for Guaranteed Health Care opposes the Obama administration and congressional leaders’ plans for a public/private health insurance system.

Paullete Garin, who ran for but lost the Democratic nomination for the 1st District congressional seat in 2008, is Wisconsin coordinator for the group. She has been holding sessions around the state to discuss what is called a single-payer health care system.

Garin is also state coordinator for Progressive Democrats of America. The Leadership Conference is an offshoot of the PDA, she said.
So while she's planning these "educational events" to get voters in contact with their representatives, there is seemingly no debate allowed.
Garin opposes both the public/private option that congressional Democrats and the president are contemplating and Republicans’ plans.

That includes the Patients’ Rights Act proposed by Rep. Paul Ryan, the 1st District Republican, and other Republicans.

A government approach means higher taxes, Ryan said. He proposes instead tax benefits that would help people buy private health insurance. He said his plan would also bring about universal health coverage, but it would be a totally private insurance system.

Ryan said his plan would allow patients to make their own coverage and health care decisions.

Garin calls it a right-wing scare tactic to suggest that the Democrat-supported plans would put the government between the patient and doctor.

A single-payer plan would have the government pay for all coverage, but doctors would not become government employees, and consumers would make health care decisions with their doctors, Garin said.

The insurance would be socialized, as Medicare now is, Garin said, but medicine would not be.
OK, sure. Any side to any argument can hold an event w/o recognizing the opposing viewpoint. Also known as a church service.

But this lady's a left-wing nutjob and frankly, I'm pretty sure that's why she lost the 1st Congressional nomination before.

People, socialized healthcare is a slippery slope...

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