Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Feingold wants more troops?

Strike that, he wants troops in more places.

Senator Russ Feingold seems to think he's the only one talking about global terrorism.
On Tuesday, Feingold cited the botched Christmas Day bombing of a Detroit-bound plane — allegedly by a Nigerian man with suspected ties to al-Qaida in Yemen — as evidence of the threat he's warned of for nearly a decade.

"It's very sad that it takes an incident like this for people to pay adequate attention to places like Yemen," Feingold said in an interview. "Time and again, I've been trying to get people to think about the war against al-Qaida as a global war rather than fighting it country by country."
We know there are other nations involved. Terrorists are certainly harbored in more than Afghanistan, Iraq and Iran. But you cannot send troops to 100 different nations and think the force will be strong enough to dispel terrorists world-wide.
James Phillips, a senior research fellow on Middle East affairs at the conservative Heritage Foundation, said while more attention should be given to Yemen, it shouldn't detract from the efforts in Iraq and Afghanistan.

"Yemen definitely requires a greater effort," Phillips said, "but not at the cost of reducing resources in Afghanistan and Iraq. We should not make the mistake of using the recent problems in Yemen as an excuse to retreat from Afghanistan."

Where they are strongest, we must be. A lone Nigerian bomber from Yemen with explosives in his crotch isn't exactly the mastermind of Osama.

This IS a global fight. The Christmas bomber showed terrorists can come from anywhere and take their fight anywhere, not just from the caves of Afghanistan to the shores of America.

So I ask you, Mr. Feingold, where is everyone else?

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