Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Kleefisch's pre-announcement uninspiring

I just read this (yes, I'm a little behind and lacking blog inspiration) on Steppin' Right Up. And I gotta say, the letter from Rebecca Kleefisch announcing her candidacy for Lieutenant Governor isn't floatin' my boat.

Now I've never met Rebecca, and I am sure she is a lovely lady. However, a few beefs:
When I first introduced myself to you via e-mail, I sent you a link to my video blog, my Youtube Channel called "RebeccaForReal". That's how I'm known on Twitter and Flickr, too. It's because in the world of politics, I think there are too few willing to be just that--real. With me, what you see is what you get: a dose of kitchen table common sense from a marketing contractor/TEA party speaker/political watchdog/mom!
Here's where it starts. What are ya, honey? The slashes are NOT professional, and they seem extremely casual like you just filled out a chain-email survey about how best to describe yourself in one word. And couldn't limit it to one word, because ya gotta be real!

Let's think commas and literary style.
That's probably why I was approached last May to run for Lieutenant Governor of Wisconsin. Combine my private sector marketing expertise with our future Republican Governor's public sector success and you have a ticket with broad life experience, and the best CEO and VP of Marketing Wisconsin could get! That's how I see these jobs: while the Governor fixes the business climate of our state as our CEO, we need our Lt. Governor, our Marketing VP, working on the marketing efforts to let job creators know, "Wisconsin is open for business again!"
This is just a mess.

I'm glad you have a vision for each position, but this is starting to feel like an essay from a kid who didn't study for the latest 12th grade government exam.

And, we all know it's Walker you're talking about, without having to ask. Why not just come out and endorse him?
I'm writing you now to let you know that I have filed my papers to become a Lieutenant Governor candidate. I would love to meet you personally and, if you allow it, speak at your Lincoln/Reagan Day functions or others where you allow candidates to talk. Would you please e-mail me the dates of events like these on your county's calendar?
Again with the slashes!

This is extremely idealistic, that county parties and GOP vols actually care or take initiative. On the contrary. You're going to have to do the legwork yourself. With this many candidates (what is it, 6 now?), you will fall into the cracks if you expect them to give a rat's patoot about squeezing you onto any speaking agenda. Get in there, and ROAR woman!
In the meantime, please continue to look for my new video blogs, released every Thursday on Youtube. When I officially launch my candidacy, the videos will also be available through my website. When that happens, I'll be sure you send you a headshot and a link in case you like to post those on your website or Facebook page.
So this isn't an official announcement? It's a pre-announcement announcement to GOP insiders. A mere preview of what's to come - the headshot, of course.

Why send this out before the big bang?

And lastly, YouTube is a great modern tool for reaching voters hidden behind screens, Blackberries, iPhones and Tweetdeck all day. It's great to see local candidates using it, but careful of the talking heads and taupe background walls!

While this may seem a harsh review, it's not about the lady, it's about the email sent from a candidate or her campaign for Lieutenant Governor. This is a critical year for the GOP in Wisconsin. I am looking seriously at these candidates, and expect their campaigns to be innovative and fresh, yet with professional, well-written materials and attitudes behind the work they present to the voters.

So far, I haven't felt the need to hit for the opening night of Kleefisch for Lt. Gov.

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