Thursday, March 18, 2010

Dear Miley, please STFU!

Miley Cyrus needs to stop talking. She is irritating, as is her weird mouth.
"It scares me," she tells PARADE magazine. "It feels contrived on so many levels. Unless you're wearing a cowboy hat and cowboy boots and singing and whining about your girlfriend or boyfriend leaving you it's not going to sell. I think that's why my dad finally got out of it. You have to wear those cowboy boots and be sweet as pie. It makes me nervous, the politics of it all."

Miley recently recorded three versions -- including a country take -- of a song called 'Nothing to Lose,' with former Poison frontman Bret Michaels.

The 17-year-old did have some flattering things to say about her godmother, Country Music Hall of Famer Dolly Parton: "She is the nicest person in the world. She's so easy to talk to. She's awesome. I love her. She always tells me just to do what I love and if I'm not having fun it's not working. I don't know how old she is at this point but every time she is on the stage she is smiling from ear to ear."
How old is she, 15? She acts like she's 12.

Sure, I enjoy the new theme song to The Last Song movie, and can rock out to a little Party in the USA occassionally, but as someone who crossed over with "The Climb" as with some of her other songs- I wouldn't shit on Country Music quite so boldly.

Oh, and then throw in some stupid anecdote about your godmother, Dolly, who is always smiling. So she's a dumb-ass, smiley country singer, who's found success singing about men leaving her, is that it?

Why not change the contrived country music you see? Write something other than your boyfriend dumping you. Miley could always ask Brad Paisley, Tim McGraw, Faith Hill, Martina McBride and Garth Brooks to help you. Because lyrics like "The Britney Song was on" ain't gonna be remembered as "touching" anytime past 2010, friend.

And for now, she should shut up.

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