Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Labor pains, and oh yeah, death threats

I'm sad to say these kind of people are walking among us.
When a pregnant Two Rivers woman thought she needed to go to the hospital to deliver her baby on Wednesday, her boyfriend refused to arrange a ride, robbed her and threatened to kill her, prosecutors say.

Instead of seeking medical attention for his 36-year-old girlfriend, Vinson demanded money from her to buy beer, Assistant District Attorney Mike Griesbach said during Vinson’s Wednesday bail hearing. She gave him $50 of her $150 monthly disability check, Griesbach said.

According to police and prosecutors:

When the woman told Vinson she didn’t have the rest of the money, he punched her in the head twice and waved a butcher knife in her face.

The woman tried to escape to the bedroom, using her weight to hold the door shut. Vinson followed with the knife and tried to push the door open.
Is anyone else seeing a "Here's Johnny" moment?!

That poor woman. I surely hope she has filed for a restraining order against this idiot for her and her baby.

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