Friday, May 7, 2010

Dem Party's Mike Tate = DB

That's right, I used the term I hate. Douchebag. That's Mike Tate for you, Wisconsin Democratic Party Chairman extraordinaire!
"Confident Duffy said yesterday that he was seeing a Republican Representative for the 7th Congressional District this time. While Obey and Democrats are confident that they still have control on their seat and they will win it. Wisconsin Democratic Party Chairman Mike Tate said that on television, Duffy was renowned for drinking and for having sex."
For one, Mike Tate is a complete moron.

I'm absolutely positive that Sean Duffy's solid, upstanding reputation precedes him, unlike Mike Tate's.

Furthermore, this comment is so despicable that Sean Duffy deserves an apology, on TV, in front of the entire 7th Congressional District and state of Wisconsin.

It is clearly a low blow as Mr. Tate's self-confidence has hit the depths of despair that he finds his only coping mechanism to be making slanderous statements against charming, talented, intelligent Republicans to make himself feel better about the great and severe losses the Democratic party will face in November.

That, and he probably can't get it up.

Mike Tate, you're an embarrassment and you owe Sean Duffy an apology.

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