Friday, February 18, 2011

Madison is NUTS

Three solid days of school closings in Madison, WI and teacher protests from there to Milwaukee, and the real losers aren't just the teachers.

While they may be serious LOSERS, spitting and shoving like immature brats on a playground at the Wisconsin Capitol, it's the students who are missing out - who are actually losing in this equation.

Cuts are necessary. Ask Chris Christie. Ask anyone who is serious about reining in spending. Ask Scott Walker who's taken a good look at the budget and understands where Wisconsin NEEDS to go and that reform is necessary.
Walker, who took office last month, called the boycott a "stunt." He vowed not to concede.

"It's more about theatrics than anything else," Walker said.
Good for him.

Teachers, why the heck do you do the job you do? Is it for the paycheck? because if it is, you're in the WRONG biz.

If it's for the exprssion on a child's face when they actually understand fractions, or pass a test, or get into their #1 choice college, then you should know better than to act this way.

If everyone who was upset about their work situation protested and went on strike, we'd be a country of chaos. But hard working, common sense people understand it's just not realistic.

No votes have even been taken on this - and "your" Democrat representatives HAVE LEFT THE BUILDING!! What does that say about your strength of character, and theirs?
Neil Graupner, a 19-year-old technical college student from Madison, said he was planning to stay until the matter is settled.

"The fact that the Democrats have walked out, it shows their listening to us," he said late Thursday as he prepared to spend the night at the Capitol.
No it doesn't, Neil. It says they're too chicken shit to look at this head-on.

Stand up and do the right thing, teachers. Get back to class and teach the youth of America. They don't deserve this, and Wisconsin is better than that.

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