Tuesday, February 15, 2011

A Rodg v. B Pevre, I mean Favre

There is a notion floating out in the blogosphere that Favre is STILL better than Rodgers, that they have a crappy relationship, that Aaron Rodgers is bitter, and that it somehow is still a problem.

Let's clear this up right now.

Of COURSE Brett Favre is on the books as a better QB. He played 8 times as freakin' long as Rodgers has. He has the longest running streak of games started. And others...

But Favre, too, has 1 Superbowl win. Just 1. Doesn't count how many times you GET there.

So let's just say this. I don't KNOW Aaron Rodgers personally, but that man has some media training! He knows when not to fill the silence because the media wants him to. He knows how to keep a cool head. He generally is a smart guy, and it all comes across in his performance with the press. Oh, and on the field - but that goes without saying.

The thing is, I believe Aaron Rodgers doesn't need Favre. He watched him for 3 years on the sidelines, in practice and in the locker room. He learned what he needed to. He's emulated what he needed to - the GOOD parts of Favre. Rodgers can scramble with the best of 'em. He can get away from his attacker. He's breaking the fingers of his receivers day in and day out wiht the velocity he puts on the ball. And he doesn't throw the stupid pass that leads to the 4th quarter interception to lose the game. He may even hold on to the ball too darn long! But joking aside - Most of all, he hasn't let it lead him astray in a stupid way - toward drugs or sex or rock'n'roll...

Well, maybe a little music. Rodgers has his own music label and he's working to find that next up and comin' band who's got "IT." But that's just the spirit of an entrepreneur, not the desperate attempts of a lonely, washed-up QB who feels the need to show off his cock.

Harsh, perhaps. But let's MOVE ON. If the press and the idiot bloggers would quit TYING the two together, we'd all stop caring. The fans sure have!

Let the man be a star. Let him revel in the glory of an MVP and a Superbowl win in his 3rd year. Let him show people that what happens between him and Brett Favre should be just that. Let Rodgers prove he's the bigger man. And if someday they speak, I'm sure it will be respectful and professional. Isn't that all that matters?

Rodgers will most always likely follow Favre on the books. But I believe he'll far surpass him in life. And by that, I mean with his own personal viewing of the person he has become to his community, his family, and his Maker.

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