Tuesday, May 14, 2013

The Good & Bad of people

Saturday morning I went to spin class at my gym. In my exercise-high, I left my iPod neatly wrapped in my headphones behind my bike, and sauntered out.

I would only remember this as I scrambled around my apartment for it the next morning on my way to workout. (I am ALWAYS losing things because of carelessness, just ask my mother.) Nervous, I headed to the gym hoping someone had found it, only to discover - someone had broken in to our gym!

Broken glass, shattered entrance, police cars all around the building.  While several early arrivals stood there and spoke to one of the employees, we were stunned.  It's in a secure building where you need a key card - so was someone lurking?   What time had this happened? Wasn't there an alarm? Or do they have access to the building already?

Which leads me to question: What on earth do you want to break into a gym for?  I'm guessing there's not a lot of money there- people use credit cards to pay their fees these days. Are you going to haul a treadmill out of there?  Here's a tip: Bosu balls are like $20 at Target. 

Maybe it was some sort of twisted sequel to Pain & Gain going on (warning: based on a true story, still, that whole scene is messed up).  But in all curiousness, what on earth could possibly be so pressing to shatter the doors of a gym?

That was the Ugly.

So I went about my day-  brunched, walked, and headed back to check on the ipod.  Lo & Behold - open the skies to singing angels- someone had turned in my ipod to the front desk where they had locked it in a drawer.

"Alright, she finally got to the point of the story," I know that's what you're thinking... I agree, this is the most mundane story to be blogging about.  Heavy lids...slow fingers...sleepy...

But THAT, my friends, was the Good

In each dim circumstance, there is always a little light. Let me guarantee you, for every thug breaking and entering a workout facility, there are 35 more filling a spin class that will hand in something valuable to the lost & found.
Humanity, we are winning.

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