Thursday, March 19, 2009

Dane County Judicial Race

Julie Genovese is running for Dane County Judge- Branch 13. She's running on "Experience" in the law, "Independence" from special interest funds, and "Knowing the Law and her Community."

"Sold" platform she's got there.

And yet her husband, David Harth, appears on CCAP several tiimes.
1) for Unreasonable and Imprudent Speed in 2005. Hey, we've all been caught a few miles over...but yet...
2) Possession of THC - yes friends, Marijuana, Weed, smoking some jobies.... (And apparently according to an anon. source, his kids in the car.)
He missed four scheduled appearances for this case.

I guess work must not enter their bedroom pillow-talk. I would think if it did, his wife would surely impose her morals of "knowing and upholding the law."

Not sure I want this woman in a black robe.

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