Thursday, March 5, 2009

Falk's back-handed-swing

Kathleen Falk is playing dirty. Falk's campaign sent a letter to Midwest Family Broadcasting requesting- or shall I say demanding- Mistele's campaign commercial "Focus" be stopped immediately from airing.


Isn't proper etiquette to request this of the opponent's campaign first and foremost? You do not step in and demand a broadcast company to stop airing a commercial they have been paid to air. Mistele's campaign purchased air time fair and square.

Then you send a press release pointing out the ad's falsities and alerting the press to your request of the opposing campaign - claim the high ground, and get some earned media along the way. I'm sure Dee Hall would be happy to take Katie's side in this one, wouldn't ya Dee?

Then you air your own ad claiming you are right and they are wrong - with evidentiary support to back it up.

It just looks bad. Is she in a position to "use" her current title and censor the media when she doesn't look good?
I don't think so.

Out with the old.

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