Sunday, May 10, 2009

Conservative 3rd party effort

They're forming, but will they succeed?
Arguing that Wisconsin’s conservatives are being outflanked by liberals, some of the state’s most prominent Republicans — including two who have run afoul of campaign finance law — are creating a new statewide political and policy infrastructure designed to produce wins at the ballot box.

Dubbed the Wisconsin Prosperity Network, the effort calls for an annual budget of $6.4 million and the creation of 14 new organizations, according to a draft outline of the network obtained by the State Journal.

Those groups, which would exist outside of the state Republican Party, would recruit candidates for local and state office, mobilize voters on Election Day, use lawsuits to pursue conservative policies in the courts, research public policy issues and fight perceived media bias, the draft shows.
Dems figured out the key to 3rd party groups and we missed our chance. The problem is, we have some of these groups - Americans For Prosperity, Club for Growth WI that pays for ads backing up WMC's efforts every political campaign....but we're still up against One Wisconsin Now and organized, well-funded efforts to denigrate Republicans. They've all knocked on your door before Election Day and it's damaging.

Can we catch up, or even make a dent, in WI?

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