Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Tired of John & Kate Plus... Hatred

Poor John & Kate.

I taped the premiere of this season when the sextuplets turn 5...but it's all about Kate and John's marriage troubles and the media accusations.

While they defend eachother, she's still full of anger and yet quips that "John decided he needed a weekend off," when he's probably not living at the house b/c they are fighting and going through this awful time.

But what saddens me is TLC continues the show and the insight into a family as complex as twins and sextuplets is ruined by papparazzi and tabloid rumors. I suppose to cancel it would prove all the rumors true and that they simply couldn't take the publicity.

I'd give in and cancel it! Focus on your family, not your book tour, not nights out with random girls who are not your wife.

Rumors true or not, Kate has become a DIVA. She's Ann Taylor Loft-ed out and her beautiful mansion full of kids that can almost stand to play alone without a babysitter leave her to only yell "Be kind" when she waves the away to go get dressed.

I feel badly for them, but I am sad for those kids first and foremost. To have two parents that would work on their marriage would be my only wish for them - not just freebies from Gymboree and inside perks at any destination.

I think I may boycott this show and all the media surrounding it.

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