Friday, July 31, 2009

Final thoughts on Favre

I have not posted much on Brett Favre, partly because my feelings waffled on the issue daily and I couldn't stand to irritate my readers with such ninny behavior.

However, I can now dance around in my pink breast cancer awareness #4 jersey once again, pretending the past months of selling Favre merchandise on Ebay, leaving the #4 towel from a past game on the floor and encouraging the kitten to pee on it, and coloring my cheesehead purple with a sharpie marker never happened!

But would the editors of the Minneapolis Star Tribune opinion page please refrain from posting letters like this:
Cheers to Brett Favre! He finally did the best thing for all of us. Unfortunately, he didn't do it in consideration of anyone but himself, which is typical Favre. Now the Vikings should get back to contending and leave Favre in the dust. I can once again cheer for the team!
And to Barb? Shut up.

You clearly lack the class of a Packer fan anyway, and belong in the purple and yellow. Yes, yellow. Pansy colors for a pansy team. You'd be lucky to have a QB like Favre in your hall of fame...but what's that? OH NO!

And that's all I have to say about that.

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