Friday, July 31, 2009

Red-faced DFL

One of the many reasons I love YouTube.
Uh, never mind. Also: Sorry about that.

That essentially was the DFL's red-faced response Thursday when it sent out an electronic news release blasting Gov. Tim Pawlenty that had a profanity-laced video attached to it.

The release was designed to respond to Pawlenty's speech before national Republicans in San Diego, attacking his record on job creation, health care and the state budget deficit.

One small problem: The link that was supposed to direct reporters to a state economic development report actually sent them to a YouTube video titled "Chinese Grandma Learns English." For four minutes, an elderly Chinese woman repeats obscenities, oblivious to their meaning.
Hey, it could happen to anyone. Right.
DFL Executive Director Andrew O'Leary said the link came from an outside researcher who had not checked it and the party did not double-check the link before sending the release. The party "obviously made a mistake," O'Leary said.
So much for proofreading!

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