Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Walker gets techie

Just as I received a teletown hall call last night...
Around 11 on a recent morning, Milwaukee County Executive Scott Walker got online and did what his gubernatorial campaign manager has asked him to do several times a day. He reached out to his political supporters with a message that was simultaneously posted on his Twitter and Facebook accounts, two of today's more popular social networking websites.

By day's end, Walker had sent out six messages; enough to maintain his online presence without overpowering his followers. Peppered between more personal comments on the Milwaukee Brewers were a few cyber shots at the man whose office he is aspiring to assume. "Doyle: In or Out? Doesn't matter. Only focused on Nov. 2, 2010 + getting state working again," wrote Walker. The update, including a link to a newspaper article, was instantly sent to some 7,000 people who choose to follow him on Twitter or are friends with him on Facebook.

"What we're doing is very calculated," says Keith Gilkes, Walker's campaign manager. "It is our intent to have the most savvy social media campaign of this race."

Those running for Wisconsin's highest office have taken a page from the playbook of Barack Obama. While running for president, Obama took social media to new heights by amassing a powerful grassroots base that could be reached for financial contributions and mobilized instantly.
I wonder if Howard Dean is scratching his head at this whole "Obama's king of the internet campaign" stuff. Wasn't he supposed to be the guy that led the way with internet fundraising and campaigning?

Too bad Twitter wasn't really hoppin' then. Or twoppin.

We'll see if it works for Walker.

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