Sunday, December 13, 2009

Madison weather

This is absolutely ridiculous.
"Madison Mayor Dave Cieslewicz is apologizing for the decisions he made during a massive snowstorm that left major city streets iced over and led to numerous complaints.

The mayor told the Wisconsin State Journal on Friday he understood the frustration and accepted responsibility for the slick streets and rutted roads in the aftermath of the sixth largest two-day snowfall in 60 years."
Conditions are so bad you're "off-roading" in Downtown Madison!
More than 14.1 inches of snow fell, and frigid temperatures after the storm made salting ineffective.

The city of Madison made the controversial decision to keep all plows on snow removal, instead of pulling some to salt, which led to the very poor road conditions.

The city said it will work to tackle the packed-down roads this weekend.

"(Saturday) we'll be able to salt that because the temperatures will be warm enough all day. We'll start salting, and that will break that bond between that hard pack and the pavement, and we'll be able to scrape that up with the regular plows," George Dreckmann, of the Madison City Streets Division.

But that's just for main thoroughfares. On side streets where the city doesn't salt, crews will most likely have to wait for the snow to melt on its own this weekend.
I simply don't understand why the plows didn't get out on the most used streets- -like John Nolen Drive, East and West Washington Avenues, etc., and plow DURING Wednesday morning when it was wet and fluffy and could easily be lifted.

Shouldn't a city like Madison -4 inches of snow or 14- be better equipped to handle winter weather? This isn't a phenomenon, folks.

I'm not interested in apologies. I'm interested in what's going to change.

Do better.

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