Wednesday, December 2, 2009

World AIDS Day

Yesterday was World AIDS Day.

And I agree with Causey.
I love Hip Hop and the Hip Hop culture, which is why I criticize it when it popularizes things that do little to improve the lives of young people who live by it.

I’ve been harsh on the saggin’ craze because some young people still don’t know that showing their underwear at a job fair is unacceptable. I also criticized those rappers who brag about the so-called gangsta lifestyle. But today is World AIDS Day and I expected more from the Hip Hop community, especially when more than 225,000 African-Americans have died of AIDS.

Blacks also account for more than half of the 1 million people living with HIV in the U.S. today. But instead of a bunch of rappers, singers and performers coming together to get tested to push the “knowing one’s status” campaign, we instead get a new song from R. Kelly titled “Pregnant.”

Technically, R. Kelly falls under the R&B umbrella, but some of his more successful collaborations have been with Hip Hop artists. His new song "Pregnant" talks about how he wants to knock a woman up.

Listen for yourself by clicking here. I’m speechless but, sadly, I will not be surprised to see this song climb up the charts.

I expected more. Gangsta rapper Eazy-E died of AIDS in 1995. African-Americans generally should be concerned. Former basketball player Erving “Magic” Johnson announced he had HIV in 1991, proving that HIV “can happen to anyone.”

Maybe I was expecting too much. Thoughts?
Here are mine.

22 million people still are living with HIV/AIDS.

In addition, HIV infection rates are far outpacing the number of people added to treatment- every day, 2,600 people are put on treatment across the world, but 7,400 more become infected with the virus.

And R. Kelly wants to knock someone up? Artists these days seem more concerned with writing a decent beat about grinding up on some hot booty for the next gymnasium highschool homecoming dance, than what they could use their voices, power and influence for in advocating for good.

Dear Rappers,
Pick an issue. Get motivated. Give what you can. Mostly, devote your voice to a cause.
Thank you,

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