Friday, December 4, 2009

Pedestrian news? Doubtful.

How is this news?!!
"Girl runs into side of minivan in Monroe".
Yes folks, this is actually a headline in a Madison paper.

The line following should read, "Dumbass."

I am losing faith in our news outlets, daily. No pun intended.

Next time I slip and fall, I'll be sure to put out a press release so it gets local attention. After all, everyone deserves their 15 minutes of
"The girl ran into the passenger side of the minivan and was struck by the side mirror.

Breault stopped, and was told by the girl and by the girl's brother that neither were injured, so the driver left.

"A school bus driver who witnessed the crash called 911," Kelley said. "Police and Monroe EMS were called and the girl said she had a sore shoulder."

She was taken to Monroe Clinic Hospital, as is standard procedure, Kelley said.

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