Monday, March 15, 2010

Kleefisch suggests...nothing new

Rebecca Kleefisch, the former TV newswoman-turned-political candidate, says Wisconsin should follow the lead of other states by creating a hotline so public employees and concerned citizens can report abuse and fraud in state government.

The lieutenant governor wannabe is suggesting the phone number be called a state "waste line."

"Government is too porky and needs to watch its waste line," Kleefisch says in a announcement of the proposal, which she also discussed on her Facebook page. "Just like we had those crime tip lines (on TV news), we can easily implement a budget waste line here in the state of Wisconsin."

There's just one problem with the idea.

In 2008, Wisconsin lawmakers set up just such a hotline so anybody could call with tips regarding fraud, abuse or mismanagement in state government.

Among those voting for the proposal both in committee and on the legislative floor:

Rep. Joel Kleefisch, the Oconomowoc Republican and Rebecca's husband.
She clearly didn't do her research, or doesn't have the right explanation to differentiate her proposal from what's already being done.

Here's the thing: I don't think Lt. Gov. IS marketing like she's raving about. It's cutting spending, yes. It's weeding out waste, sure. But it's by slashing the budget, not a "tip line."

If you can't do something with that position, it shouldn't exist. Kudos, Rep. Brett Davis, for stating the obvious.

In the meantime, voters are looking for substantive, NEW, fresh ideas from the candidates from the Lt. Gov. GOP Primary.

"Pretty conservative" Kleefisch is already behind.

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