Tuesday, March 2, 2010

the Goth look

What is it about the goth look that is appealing to young people?

Rather than stare at the young passerby who walked with unnaturally blackened hair with a pink swatch in it, dark black eyeliner resembling that of a hussie in Vegas, those ear-extending earrings, and a spike thru his chin, I start to have some questions...

Rather than judge and write this kid off as a thug punk with some likely problems at home who is trying to find himself in a midst of pot-smoke filled rooms and dog collars, I'm more concerned for his future.

Why is he dressed like this?
What does this aspiring college student desire for his life?
When does one grow out of this phase?
What is the appeal of man make-up? Did he just wake up one morning and think, "I'll get tons of women if I look like Marilyn Manson." Though Marilyn did manage a few seemingly normal ladies of his own. Well, normal until they started dating him.

Does one think he will get a job looking like this? Be taken seriously?

I guess I'm just baffled. And I needed to babble.

Tip for this kid: Invest in the vampire look. Just soften your goth, lose the pink hair and the eye liner, and stay out of the sun. Vampires are in, kid.


Lady Euphoria Deathwatch said...

I am not a kid, but an elder Goth woman.

Although some are out for shock value and leave the Goth lifestyle behind with their other childish toys as they grow, others are Goths from their early years like myself.

I have and always will be goth. It is a state of mind not the clothing we wear.

I have had children that have grown into adulthood showing no goth sense of their own, and as it should be, I was not disappointed, but proud of their individuality.

I am a happy healthy adult who likes at talk about death and the unknown with others of the same mind. I am not a lover of vampires, Satan, blood or gore.

Goths tend to like the same types of fashion styles and music, but not in any exclusive way.

I have survived both cancer and the death of my son and didn't revel in the grief of either.

I am a christian, as most goth are. I love life, but don't fear death.

Goths may look different than the people you hang out with, but we are the same as you. We love, laugh, care and live our lives in the way we feel most comfortable.

Sincerely, Lady Euphoria

lms said...

Lady Euphoria, thank you for sharing that. It is very interesting. Best to you and your family.