Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Watch those lips!

Or you might be arrested.
Meeting at Bob's Easy Diner, a seaside restaurant in Dubai, 25-year-old Charlotte Adams greeted 24-year-old Ayman Najafi with what the couple describes as a harmless exchange of cheek kisses.

"We kissed each other on the cheek as a greeting, nothing more," Najafi said at a court hearing on Sunday.

Sitting at a nearby table, however, were an Emirati woman's two daughters, who told their mother that the couple had kissed on the lips. The mother called the police, and Adams and Najafi were arrested on charges of public indecency and drinking alcohol.

"My daughter told me that the accused were kissing on the mouth. Then I spotted them doing so myself. I also saw them touching each other, and they were seated two to three meters away from our table. A number of customers witnessed the scene as well," the Emirati woman who filed the complaint testified in a court appearance Sunday.
OMG! Kissing AND touching?

Well, it's one thing to be flaunting about with public displays of affection that people may scoff at because they're uptight and don't like it. It's another to act indecently. And entirely another thing to offend cultural norms in foreign countries. But should this Brit and her boyfriend have asked about etiquette?

Who knew love was a crime?!

Maybe he should have known, being based in Dubai. On second thought, perhaps Frommers should include a kissing guide?

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