Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Ford to sell Volvo?

I can't say I wouldn't mind this.
Ford Motor Co., which with the rest of the Detroit automakers is readying a plan to take to Congress this week to win a federal loan, said today it "will re-evaluate strategic options for Volvo Car Corp., including the possible sale" of the premium automaker. Ford said it will take several months to review Volvo's options.

Given the unprecedented external challenges facing Ford and the entire industry, it is prudent for Ford to evaluate options for Volvo," President-CEO Alan Mulally said in a prepared statement. "Volvo is a strong global brand with a proud heritage of safety and environmental responsibility and has launched an aggressive plan to right-size its operations and improve its financial results."
Already Volvo's parent company, Ford could benefit from this, I believe. I trust both brands, having grown up in a house eventually acquiring a 11 Ford vehicle history...yes, we even had a Bronco at one point.

Trading in my own Explorer for a Volvo two years ago, I still trust I'm in good hands - even with the Swedes.

But it'd be nice to go to any Ford dealer for an oil change instead of tracking down the rarer Volvo shops (since no one has my stinkin' filter!), and visit with the well-trusted mechanics of Ford. They're good to me, what can I say?

I think it's an interesting option.

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Billiam said...

My last 5 vehicles have been either Chrysler or GM products. Good vehicles all. I wish people would get off the foreign is better crap, and realize that the big 3 make good cars/trucks. As to Volvo, excellent vehicle. Kind of like GM and Saab. My Malibu Maxx is on the Saab 93 frame. It's a good move for Ford. They seem to be in the best shape of the Big 3.