Tuesday, December 23, 2008


Watching yet another spoiled ending after hearing half-time phrases like "the Packers are playing like the professionals they are," and so forth, I'm a little sick to my stomach.

Perhaps if people- fans and critcs alike- spent less time comparing Aaron Rodgers to Brett Favre, they'd have time too focus on Rodgers' stats and see that he's playing damn well this season. 63% pass completion, 25 touchdowns and 3,730 yards -that's pretty good. He threw for 300 yard sand 3 touchdowns against Carolina a few weeks ago, and still we lost.

Seems to me, it's a testament to our O-line for NOT blocking when he gets sacked or doesn't have any time to find an open man and has to scramble. It's a testament to our D-line for NOT stopping when the opponents charge the field at the end of the game for the game-winning kick.

The difference is when we get inside the red zone, we score field goals, not touchdowns, if that (see Mason Crosby, angry face.) Our opponents convert for 7.
Crosby has now failed to connect on two game-winning field goals this season. He missed from 52 yards last month at the Metrodome. "Obviously, I'm frustrated," Crosby said. "I had a chance to help the team win here and it's really disappointing. I don't like doing these interviews and it sucks this has happened twice this year."
Yeah, sucks for the fans too.

Will Crosby be another Longwell or Derrick Frost?

I suppose we can't blame the kicker...I just wish Rodgers didn't have to take all the heat - or should we say frost in this situation.

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