Saturday, December 13, 2008

My one Grinch moment

I love all things Christmas. Trees, cookies, baking cookies, Christmas music, Christmas movies, snow, cookies, snow angels, snow men, giving, red and green, bells, cookies, and so forth.

But I do have a Grinch moment anytime the Chestnuts song comes on. Yes, it's dubbed "The Christmas Song" and encompasses all things Christmas I suppose and everyone just gushes and "loves" that song- all kids from 1 to 92 - but really people.

Chestnuts? I have yet to meet a real chestnut-roasting person. Sorry Torme and Wells, but your song puts me to sleep.

While I think that may be the only lyric that I dislike, it's also the tune, and it's on EVERY SINGLE CHRISTMAS CD I CAN FIND!! I will praise an artist for leaving that song off their holiday collection, when I do finally find that singer.

For now, I'll skip it.


Anonymous said...

Faith Hill's new Christmas album won't make you whine...

lms said...

Anon, you know me too well. I do love Faith, so I will check it out!