Friday, January 9, 2009

Coalition formed to....

distract Dane County voters from the shoddy job their County Executive is doing. From earlier this week, Dane County Executive Kate Falk launched a coalition to combat underage drinking.
In Dane County, more young people between seventh and 12th grades are abstaining from alcohol than regularly using it, according to a 2005 assessment. Still, the fact that nearly 30 percent of local youth are considered regular drinkers is a cause for concern for many.

About 30 people turned out Monday night for the first meeting of a new coalition looking to combat alcohol abuse in Dane County. Every seat was filled in an upstairs meeting room at the Exhibition Hall of the Alliant Energy Center.

Participants included nurses, teachers, alcohol and drug counselors, school counselors, administrators, local officials, religious leaders, business people, activists and community organizers....

County Executive Kathleen Falk put the coalition together as part of her initiative in 2009 to combat alcohol abuse.

Falk called the coalition's work incredibly important. It is "standing up and saying enough is enough and we can do something about this," Falk said. "The biggest factor that will make a difference is you."
I'm all about reducing underage drinking. I support MADD and SADD and did not drink myself until I was out of high school.

Nonetheless, what concerns me is that Kate Falk is finding new ways to draw attention away from the 911 center that has recently come under attack, and deservedly so.

And today, when the Zimmerman tape has been released missing 68 seconds, pointing once again to the delinquent response of the 911 operator, I can't help but find a priority to be somewhere else.
County officials say they can't explain what happened, but insist they can find no indication of equipment failures.
Um, yeah, NOT good enough.

Falk needs to get her priorities straight. Or Dane County will say "no more" in April, and I hope we do.

If underage kids are drinking- and heaven forbid they might drive or stumble somewhere and end up hurt- how can we promise Dane County 911 will even be concerned with answering their call?

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