Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Missing Bush

I'm going to miss him terribly.
Bush's poll numbers aren't good, but that doesn't mean he is completely without fans. The BBC looks around the globe and finds a list of countries that might feel a bit sad when the Bush administration is no more.

Whether they loved him or not, some people might look back on the Bush years with wistfulness. Take a look at this post from Bright Hall blogger Joshua Sharp. He points out that the Bush presidency has shaped the lives of many members of his generation, the millenials. Sharp refers to Bush as "our first president" -- the man who was in charge when many twenty-somethings started following politics.

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OccidentalOrientals said...

I'll miss him too. He wasn't that bad of a guy, he tried his best. I was irritated with him back in the day when he went to war, and I'm still irritated with people like you who still insist that the conservative party is a legitimate way to run a government, BUT I'll miss Bush, of course. He also had some good ideas on immigration and made efforts to reach out to minorities.