Saturday, January 10, 2009


The opening sermon scene in the movie, Doubt, sets the stage for the remainder of the film. The interlacing of Father Flynn's words of "When you're lost, you are not alone," and Sister Aloysius's irritated walk along the pews silencing the whispering and slapping the sleeping children alike, went unnoticed for me until the movie had ended.

But it is that- the old ways of the church and the new ideas of one priest-that clash with a force stronger than lightning. Nevermind the boy who triggers it all.

Doubt features provoking performances by Streep, Adams, Hoffman, and Davis. And of all the questions, I am left wondering "How can we be sure of anything - or anyone- at all?"

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Billiam said...

We can be sure of Christ. This I have found out. Yet, there's nothing wrong with doubt. It's part of the human condition.