Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Paint on George H W

A vandal got to a bronze statue of President George H W Bush. Not Ok.
Shortly before 2pm, Houston police got a call of criminal mischief in progress at the George Bush monument on Bagby at Preston in downtown Houston. Witnesses say a man who appeared to be homeless was using paint to vandalize the monument.

The man was described as having long blond hair, possibly in a ponytail, and wearing a plaid shirt. He may still have some yellow paint on him.
Hey dumbass: wrong Bush! My guess is he just wasn't smart enough to notice.

Defacing statues or any imagery of political figures (minus all dictators) should automatically cause people to lose their right to vote.

I don't understand why he was so upset. Our new President is now formulating the plan to lift him right out of his homelessness.

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