Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Baby bear

Nanuq is gonna make some polar bear babies. Not sure how Mishka feels about that...
Madison's popular polar bear has now arrived in Buffalo, N.Y. to mate up with a female polar bear, object being to make little baby bears.

"We miss Nanuq but are proud that he will help to sustain his species," said Henry Vilas Zoo Director Jim Hubing.

Nanuq, the 21-year-old polar bear at the zoo, left the building Friday, making Mishka, the zoo's female polar bear, the sole occupant of the polar bear lair.

"She seems to be enjoying the time alone, especially in the pool," Hubing said.
Seems like she'll be on her own for a while.

And Nanuq may just put Henry Vilas Zoo on the map! (I gotta get there...)

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