Wednesday, February 18, 2009

On Rose

Rose Fernandez advances, and whips out some big charges:
Virtual school advocate Rose Fernandez wasted no time tonight in getting her campaign going against Deputy Superintendent Tony Evers, accusing him of watching Milwaukee Public Schools fail for the past eight years and being afraid of innovation during his time in office.

With 97 percent of the vote in, Evers had 35 percent, of 88,297 votes, while Fernandez had 31 percent, or 78,308 votes.

Fernandez said voters will have a clear choice in the April 7 general election in who they select to be the next superintendent of Public Instruction, casting herself as an outsider and reformer.

"He has experience doing everything that WEAC tells him to do," Fernandez said.
Go big or go home, right folks?

I love the "afraid of innovation" zinger.

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