Thursday, February 19, 2009

Muslim Sheikh warns against ethanol

Alcohol is forbidden in Islam. And now, gasoline I suppose for those believers.
A prominent Saudi scholar warned youths studying abroad of using ethanol or other fuel that contains alcohol in their cars since they could be committing a sin, local press reported Thursday.

Sheikh Mohamed Al-Najimi, member of the Saudi Islamic Jurisprudence Academy, based his statement on a saying by the prophet that prohibited all kinds of dealings with alcohol including buying, selling, carrying, serving, drinking, and manufacturing, the Saudi newspaper Shams reported Thursday.

Saudi and Muslim youth studying abroad would violate the prohibition if they used bio fuel, he said, since it “is basically made up of alcohol.”

Majimi stressed that his statement should not be considered an official fatwa, but is rather a personal opinion. He noted that this is an important issue that needs to be studied by the relevant religious bodies.
The same story says later
"Bio fuel is becoming increasingly popular in the West for its relatively low price and as an environmentally-friendly source of energy."
Oh, the dreaded "West." It must be stopped.

Perhaps this is an effort by religious bodies in the Middle East to turn its people against the efforts of America.

I will not apologize for supporting an effort that will make our nation less dependent upon the Middle East for oil. Why should we leave our fate in the hands of petro dictators while we have a renewable resource on our homesoil that will create thousands of jobs that cannot be outsourced AND burn a cleaner, greener fuel?

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