Friday, February 12, 2010

North Dakotans are satisfied!

New from Gallup:
On a state-by-state basis, U.S. adults' average satisfaction in 2009 with their own standard of living -- that is, "all the things you can buy and do" -- fell in a fairly narrow range, from 82.3% in North Dakota at the high end to 69% in Nevada at the low end.
This is a state with no debt,a smart-spender Governor who cuts taxes, and is growing in population and job opportunities.

I'd be pretty satisfied too.

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Shane and Casey said...

Being a North Dakotan, I am quite happy here! It might not have hills, trees or lakes, but I still thoroughly enjoy living here. Heck, I *overpaid* my property taxes. I got a check from the bank instead of them asking for more! :)