Saturday, February 27, 2010

Paul Ryan: Hiding spending doesn't reduce spending.

Showing PURE Disdain for Paul Ryan, still President Obama cannot hide from the American people.

And Paul Ryan NAILS it.

Frankly, if he thinks they are going to push this healthcare bill thru, they are clearly NOT listening to the American people- those they represent, Mr. Biden.

Congressman Ryan looks him right in the eye and tells it like his economically-minded, brilliant brain sees it.

And in the meantime, Mr. President, could you please address your colleagues in an equal branch of government, by their rightfully earned titles, and not first names? How rude!

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TooMuchTime said...

These are the types of shenanigans that socialists always use to disguise their voracious spending habits. If they really believe that they have a mandate from the people, why hide in the shadows?

Also, if we had a watchdog media that was truly unbiased, they would be all over ObamaCare and ripping it to pieces.

As it is, we are very lucky to have the intelligence of the conservative bloggers to counter these assaults on our freedom. Our conservative representatives don't have time to do the research and I know they use the blogs as a research tool.

By the way, where is "Ma'am" Boxer on the issue of Obama not using the earned titles of the attendees?