Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Google Buzz-ing along


Buzz buzz.

Do you really want people to know where you are? Even if you're just at work...sitting in your cubicle...where people expect you to be 5 days a week?
Google just announced Google Buzz, a new system for sharing updates, shared info, and media both privately and publicly. Buzz, an online social system similar to Facebook and Twitter, seems to be fully integrated into many of Google's services; you'll be able to access it via Gmail, Google's redesigned mobile homepage, a new dedicated Buzz app, and an updated version of the Google Maps app.

Although Gmail integration seems to be the core of the product, Buzz distinguishes itself from Twitter and Facebook with its strong focus on location. All of these updated Google mobile apps will offer ways to share your media and location via GPS, a capability that, Google claims, will cut through the clutter so prevalent on sites like Facebook and Twitter.
It's an interesting concept - a way to compete.

Not to mention, it's getting pretty crowded out there in the world of social media tools.

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