Thursday, February 25, 2010

Silver medalist a sour pouter

This was too funny. Love the Crayola call~
Somebody call Crayola. Get Maybeline on the phone. The next big color is Plushenko platinum.

In reality, Plushenko platinum is more about the Russian figure skater, Evengi Plushenko, being displeased with the results of his Olympic event. Plushenko has contested that American Evan Lysacek should not have won the gold medal because his program did not feature a quadruple jump. The last three Olympic champions prior to Lysacek utilized the quadruple jump and so did Plushenko so he felt he should win.

"Quad is quad. If the Olympic champion doesn't know how to jump the quad, I don't know," he said.
And I think this calls for a Sore Loserman.

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